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First-Rate Career Counselor & Resume Writer in North Pole

Getting that job interview can be extremely challenging, even for those who think their resume is strong. Getting that job offer can be even harder. That is why I started this business: I understand the importance of having the right presentation tools when looking for a job.

Over the course of my career, I have come across many applicant packages that fall short of what is needed to qualify them for an interview, so I decided to start a business to help others nail that interview or find their next job with what I know. Especially bilingual people who, like myself, learned English as a second language and had to go through the same struggles of time and hard work required to put together an outstanding resume.

I want to help those in the North Pole area present themselves to employers with the utmost professionalism and increase their chances of landing their dream job. I am a veteran myself, and I take great pride in delivering the best services to not only North Pole residents but to all of my customers. 

I will go to great lengths to ensure each of my clients is satisfied with their resumes. I provide top-quality consultation services. That is why I offer sliding scale pricing and rush services for those looking for rushed up work. Translate bilingual jobs for people who want opportunities to either advance in the workforce or stay competitive. 

I provide free consulting appointments to get started, allowing clients to get to know me and learn how I can help them. Call me at (512) 522 3795 to schedule a free consultation so I can better assist you with your professional needs and make your dream job a reality.

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