Dr. Beryl Castillo, DBA

Beryl Castillo is the owner of First Impressions BC, LLC. She earned a Doctorate in Business Administration from Walden University and is a published scholar with expertise in writing, reading comprehension, and research. 

With a vision to assist individuals in pursuing new career paths, accessing better job opportunities, and establishing a strong job history, Beryl founded a resume writing and career consulting company.

As an Army veteran, Beryl specializes in aiding fellow veterans in their transition to civilian employment. Drawing from over a decade of experience in the federal sector, she offers valuable insights into navigating the complexities of the federal employment system. 

Beryl's services include crafting simple, professional, or federal resumes that genuinely reflect one's skills and experience. Beyond resume writing, she prepares individuals for interviews, ensuring they stand out in front of potential employers.

To serve a broader audience without language barriers, Beryl provides resume and career consulting services in both English and Spanish. Her goal is to empower individuals in achieving their career aspirations.

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